Abhimanika – A short story

Love stories are eternal. Good love stories are hard to find, often, the magic of romance is lost between the spaces of the written word. Read this breezy, feel-good story of Abhi and her beau.

February 6, 2016
It is extremely tough to sit through budgeting meetings, more so when it is a
Friday evening, and you discovered you are away from home. I just looked at
my phone to check time, the recently created WhatsApp group “Chatting
Cafe” by my college friends is buzzing with notifications. I was eager to catch
up with the messages, but the meeting just wouldn’t end.

I sometimes wonder where my boss Sunita draws so much energy,
especially during late evening meetings. We were finally done at 9:00 pm. I
missed my customary Friday evening drink, only hoping I will be rewarded
richly next day. I hopped into my cab, my Hotel is a solid one hour drive.

I rolled down the window, the hair on my forehead is dancing to the tunes of
cool breeze, I opened my phone and started checking messages in “Chatting
Cafe” group, There were just about 600 messages. I noticed a lot of Hey,
Hellos to one’s particular individual. My guess was right, it was Abhimanika.

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Author: Pavan Atukuri

* This disclaimer informs readers that the views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the text belong solely to me, and not necessarily to Open Face Media organization, or any other group or individual.*

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