The Magic Wand of Make Up Artists

I look up to my tinsel world. I idolize their luxurious hair with the perfectly coloured roots and highlights. Their cupid’s bow is always shaped perfectly, their eyebrows are on fleek. Their noses are always sharp, cheekbones well defined and every eyelash is visible with high clarity. In their distress too, I can’t help but... Continue Reading →

Stunt Direction

Welcome to the world of daredevils. “They call me baby driver, and once I am in a pair of wheels, I hit the road and I’m gone”   A cherry red Subaru wheels into view on an unassuming street. Baby plays ‘Bellbottoms’ on his iPod, at this point you will catch a headshot of his... Continue Reading →

Abhimanika – A short story

Love stories are eternal. Good love stories are hard to find, often, the magic of romance is lost between the spaces of the written word. Read this breezy, feel-good story of Abhi and her beau. February 6, 2016 It is extremely tough to sit through budgeting meetings, more so when it is a Friday evening,... Continue Reading →


The Art of Visual Storytelling  The story of a cinematographer begins from the evolution of pictures. The human mind has always strived to express itself through the medium of pictures. Long before the written word had evolved, the Neanderthal stored his stories in the form of pictorial messages on the walls of his caves. We... Continue Reading →

Your guide to the creative world The Sun rose over the Amer Fort, Jaipur, and the mirrored ceilings of the palace cast strange, interesting patterns over its colorful tiles and frescoes. The palace was awake, abuzz with the impending visit of the Mughal King, Jalaluddin Muhammed Akbar. He climbs the fort, mounted on his white... Continue Reading →

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